Many online games spoil the fun of playing through microtransactions and the pay-to-win principle. Fortunately, not every browser-based game is such a dime grave. We went in search of fair browser games that promise a lot of fun – and found some interesting candidates.

In current, mostly expensive Triple-A titles you can spend hundreds of hours in huge virtual worlds. But if you just want to gamble for a few minutes in between, then browser games are a good way to just play. We’ve put together 20 free internet games for you, many of which are also great for lunch breaks.

For a better overview, we have divided our candidates into the categories “quiet” and “fast”: the first category includes puzzles, simulations, strategy and role-playing games; the other category includes jump’n’runs, shooters and other action-packed titles, which mainly require skill, good reflexes and nimble fingers.

If you can find other players, you can even enjoy some of the games in multiplayer mode. For both categories, we’ve picked out ten of our favorites that we’ve had (and continue to have) a lot of fun with ourselves, or that are very popular on the net. Hopefully you’ll find something for almost every taste in our picture galleries.

If you’re not sure if you really want to play a game – no problem at all! After all, that’s the beauty of browser games: The games are all just a click away and you can play them for free – so just try them out! We’ve also specified which browser add-ons or players you need to enjoy the games.

Online games for thinkers: puzzles, puzzles, tactics

The mostly rather small format of the species browser game is well suited for puzzles, puzzle games and other decelerated pastimes. In our picture gallery we have put together a small selection of recommendable puzzle games, which challenge the grey cells a little and don’t let any real hustle and bustle arise. Among the recommendations are puzzles and puzzles, turn-based role-playing games, strategy titles and adventure games.

The Best Browser Games: Thinking & Tactics

Gods Will Be Watching

Watching is a mixture of point-and-click adventure, social study and survival simulation in pixel graphics. A mixed group of people is stranded on a planet and awaits rescue – which is to take place in 40 days. Until then, you won’t just have to keep the characters alive with food, medicine, psychotherapy, and other measures – you’ll also need to repair the radio. Every day you have a limited number of actions available, so you’ll have to budget for radio repair, hunting, medicine, and the like.

The stress of survival is compounded by nocturnal attacks, a deadly virus, and “crazy” party members. Here you’ll be faced with a series of tough decisions – your heavily armed soldier looks as if he’s about to go crazy? Should you try to kill him before someone gets hurt? Then can you provide enough food? These and even more difficult questions need to be answered in God’s Will Be Watching.

Pandemic 2

With Pandemic 2 you are the downfall of mankind – at least that’s the plan. In this graphically minimalistic but playfully complex strategy game, you have control over a disease that must spread all over the world. On a world map you can see the most important geographical regions as well as ship and air traffic between the continents.

Depending on whether your disease is a virus, a bacterium or a parasite, it spreads in different ways, brings with it its own immunities and symptoms, and is transmissible in different ways. The more victims you claim, the more you can improve your disease – with new symptoms or airborne transmission.

The world naturally reacts to you, develops vaccines, quarantines or tries to slow you down in some other way. So you need to be tactically smart, make the right mutations at the right time, and make sure Madagascar doesn’t close the port too soon! If you want, you can also play Pandemic 2 on iOS devices for a small fee.

The Enchanted Cave 2

The Enchanted Cave 2 is Roguelike Dungeon Crawling in its purest form. In the role of a little adventurer you set off into the depths of a cave to search for ever greater treasures. In the best RPG style, you’ll hack your way through ever-improving enemies with ever-improving weapons, collect gold, artifacts and more, and improve your skills with experience points and level-ups.

Since life energy, backpack space, and so on are not unlimited, you will need to return to the surface village regularly. Here you’ll turn loot into money, replenish your energy, and store your progress – as with Roguelikes, Screen Death is permanent. If all goes well, you’ll gradually explore the dungeon further and further and always make a little bit more progress than before. For little money you can also play The Enchanted Cave 2 on iOS and Android smartphones or download the Premium version via Steam on your Windows or Mac computer.

Doodle God Combination Puzzle Flash The Lord of All

Creation you are in Doodle God. The combination game is a nice little puzzle for in between – without time pressure it is always two elements to merge to a new one. You start with the four basic elements fire, water, earth and air and work your way up. That sounds simple at first, and that’s it at first – fire and water become alcohol, air and earth become dust.

But after the first ten to 20 creations (of over 100!) you will notice that you have to ponder a little bit again and again – until you finally get to “elements” like life, humans or something similar. If you don’t know what to do, you can also ask for clues. The game and its principle have been so well received that you can now also play it in versions with greatly expanded gameplay – some with 300 different elements and more – on various platforms. For example, Doodle God is also available as apps for various smartphone families and operating systems, or the Playstation Vita.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 | Fantasy RPG | Flash

If you’re looking for an exciting, coherent story, turn-based fights and a lot of humor, take a look at the RPG adventure Epic Battle Fantasy 4. The role-playing game is reminiscent of great classics like Final Fantasy in terms of the game principle, but despite its similarities in anime look, it is still a whole lot cuter.

The legend speaks of the god cat, which once created mankind as a servant people for its ruling race – the cats. Now some ancient crystals have been stolen, which could mean the return of the divine cuddly tiger. Your task is to stop the thieves of the crystals and defeat many enemies, big and small, along the way. You’ll have more than 120 different items of equipment, abilities and spells for your heroes, which you can gradually find and unlock through experience points.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4 is the latest addition to the series – you can also play the three predecessors in your browser. A paid premium version with additional content is available from Steam.