Camera Options for Product Photography

There are many options available for the photographer today who seeks a topnotch camera for product photography. Whether it’s your personal amateur project, or you are hiring a professional, here are some common choices and the pros and cons to consider.

The first choice, and the choice of most professionals, is a DSLR. Almost every recently manufactured DSLR on the market today gives you all of the control over settings you’d ever need or want for product photography. This is true whether you are photographing small or large objects. The most important feature is the full manual control of focus, which is not the case with all other cameras. The speed of operation is also a crucial factor for professional photographers, or amateurs who are serious about the craft. The downside is that a DSLR can be expensive.

A compact camera is another option for a product photographer today. Unlike a DSLR, a compact camera with a macro mode means you don’t have to purchase a separate macro lens. Also many recent compact cameras feature touch screen technology, allowing you to set the focus point via touch, a major plus for skilled photographers. You can also use zoom if you are doing non-macro shots with larger subjects.

Modern smartphones are another alternative existing for those working in product photography. The pluses include convenience, compactness and connectivity. You can also get fairly remarkable results from most smartphones and other related mobile devices such as tablets. A downside is the lack of optical zoom. If there is any zoom feature, it will be digital, and result in a lower image quality.