Is it good to use oil to remove make-up?

After a long and exhausting working day or a happy party night, removing makeup is the last thing on our mind. Because well, science still hasn’t found a perfect 2-second way where we could just snap our fingers and make the makeup disappear. On a serious note, removing your makeup at night is not one of the worst things you could do for your skin. So now the question is, which is the best, safest and time-saving way to remove your makeup? Dr. Raina Nahar, MD dermatologist and cosmetologist, practicing at Nanavati Superspeciality Hospital, Mumbai helps us answer all your make-up removal questions.

The best way to disassemble your make-up: Micellar water is the best make-up remover. It has tiny oil micelles suspended in soft water and is attracted to grim oil and dirt, helping to thoroughly clean the pores without drying the skin.

What about make-up removal oils? Virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil can both be used to clean make-up. Pure forms of oils are good for removing eye makeup in one go without removing the skin from the essential oils.

Natural ways to remove makeup: Natural ingredients such as oils, especially coconut, almond and castor oils, can be used for makeup cleansing. In addition, steam also helps to remove pores and helps to effectively and safely remove make-up. If time permits, you can quickly use a paste of cucumber and milk. This will not only cleanse the skin from make-up, but will also help soothe and hydrate irritated skin. Apart from that, even baking powder and honey acts as a natural peeling. Did you know how to make natural make-up remover for sensitive skin?

Is it advisable to scrub our skin after removing make-up? Scrubbing is not an ideal way to remove makeup, as it eventually causes microabrasion scrub on the skin, which would cause eruptions. You may face more skin irritation and redness with coarse peelings. Remember to prefer ever finer peelings. Scrubbing once a week to clean the dead skin layer is good enough time gap.

Pay special attention to your eyes when removing makeup is important: extra effort is required to remove the eye makeup as it is usually waterproof and requires either oil or micell water to clean it. Care should also be taken not to rub the eye hard as this can lead to capillary fracture and dark circles. Read here natural make-up removers to use for soft and radiant skin

Are baby wipes a safe alternative for removing make-up? Baby wipes are usually free of fragrances and are packaged with mild antiseptics. Therefore, can be used to clean the makeup safely.

Never use hard soap or hard facial toner to remove the makeup: This is because usually hard soaps or chemicals remove makeup streaks from the skin from their essential oils and the skin dries out. Not only that, it can also aggravate aging processes and should be strictly avoided.

The importance of cleansing your face with a product that has been specifically designed for your skin type after using HD Make-up: HD makeup has very finely ground powders and light-reflecting particles that give a natural look. It therefore penetrates slightly deeper into the pores. To remove HD make-up, you must use a skin cleanser specifically formulated for your ski type (dry, normal, oily or combination) to safely remove the pores.

After removing make-up, immediately cover your skin with moisturizer: This is important to give your skin food and care. Also use a skin serum or masks with vitamin A or hyaluronic acid and let it sit overnight on your skin to completely repair your skin. Never underestimate the power of a good eye cream as it works wonders to rejuvenate sensitive eye skin.

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